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Fishing Trips

We organise private fishing trips so that the clients will please themselves if they want to fish round the coast and sometimes they also make a couple of swim stops too.
It is difficult to please different people and that is why our fishing trips are “Private Fishing Trips”.

We offer coastal fishing trips for families with children and fish with rods on the bottom. We catch small fish but the children are happy if they catch and one can nearly guarantee some fish.

Offshore fishing is also possible but not for children as they might get fed up or get seasick and it would be a pity to let them suffer and so have to interrupt the trip.

We provide all fishing tackle and bait and will help and give advice how to fish even if one has never fished in his life. The same goes for children who need attention and patience.

We use some photos of fish which I will be sending to you.

The “Jake” is a fast power boat ideal for fast trips but most of all for private offshore fishing trips as it gets you on the fishing grounds in a rather short time. It is also used for costal fishing as it also has shade and easy to handle.

The “Blue lagoon” is a 40 foot motor cruiser which is ideal for fishing trips especially when group is big as for coastal fishing they can spread out around the boat. It is good for all kinds of groups, small and big and it is very safe for children too. It has a toilet, fresh water shower and a bathing platform too.

We have to add photos of fishing from both boats. I will look for some fishing photos and send them. I have sent you nice pictures.

Jake Speed Boat

Licenced for 2 – 23 pax

The jake is a 30ft speed boat which is ideal for fast trasfers from Malta to Gozo or to Comino and vice versa. It is also ideal for private charters for small groups up to 20 persons. The Jake is also ideal for deep sea fishing as it goes to deep seas in a short time.

Blue Lagoon Cabin Cruiser

Licenced for 2 – 38 pax

The Blue Lagoon is a 40 foot motor cruiser which is ideal for private boat charter. Many families, find it much better to charter this boat and take it as a private trip rather than join others. This makes it easy for them as they can please themselves to go where they want, stay how long they want and even bring their own food, even though we can provide all they ask for. This boat is very good for half day trips as the minimum time that it can be chartered for is 3 hours and this time is good enough for a trip round Comino with stops at the caves and lagoons.

Coastal Fishing


For coastal fishing which is less strenuous, 4 hours are minimum and children can join as well and one can also mix fishing and swimming as most times the fishing is done around the Island of Comino. Costal fishing is more ideal for families with children as they can also fish on the bottom and being close to harbour, if the want to go back it is not a problem.

Deep Sea Fishing


When fishing far out of the island, deep sea fishing, a minimum of 5 hours are needed.

Skipper will provide fishing tackle and bait. The type of fish depends on the season.

Between June and August, the season os for the Alonga (Long Fin Tuna) which can be up to 15 kilos. From September till November, the fish is the Lampuki (Dorado fish) or dolphin fish, which can be up to 3 kilos. Very young children are not advised to come on such long trips.

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